A Resource to Help Achieve All Your Financial Goals

Some people think that the only time to reach out to a mortgage broker is when they’re in the market for a new house.

But as you’ll see below, mortgage brokers can assist you with a variety of financing needs at every stage of your (adult) life.

In 2023, tens of thousands of Canadians used the services of a mortgage broker, including nearly 50% of first-time buyers.


A resource to count on at every stage of life

For many of those clients, the broker’s services extended well beyond the initial house purchase.

Here are some of the additional ways in which a mortgage broker has your financial well-being at heart, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a senior considering a reverse mortgage.

An upcoming mortgage renewal

Even after working with a mortgage broker on their home purchase, many borrowers don’t think to reach out again when their mortgage term comes up for renewal. Instead, many take on the stress and hassle of renewing and negotiating with their lender on their own. 

But why go at it alone when we are in your corner? The benefit is usually a more competitive rate, either with your current lender or–if financially viable–with a new one. 

Purchasing an investment property

Maybe you already own a home and are considering adding an investment property to your holdings. If you’re not an experienced investor, the process can be overwhelming as there are many differences compared to purchasing a primary residence.

Refinancing to access your home equity

Whether you want to lower your monthly mortgage payments, lower your overall monthly mortgage and credit card payments or access some of your home equity through a refinance, which essentially replaces your current mortgage with a new one, I can help you explore your options.

Securing a reverse mortgage in retirement

Reverse mortgages are an increasingly popular way for those aged 55  and over to access the equity in their home to assist with retirement. If you are considering a reverse mortgage, a mortgage broker can help you understand the various providers and products available and help you narrow down which options may be best for you.

Questions or concerns about your mortgage or financial situation

Do you find yourself losing sleep over rising monthly mortgage payments or debt loads that are becoming unmanageable? Or have you experienced a significant change in your financial situation since you secured your mortgage–such as a job loss,  a change in income, or marital status? First  Avenue Financial can help you explore the options available to you in order to improve your situation.

Bringing a wealth of resources to your fingertips

With a team of professional mortgage brokers and financial advisors, First  Ave brings experience, knowledge, and networks–including in real estate, insurance, and wealth management–to each client that we work with. While your banker may change, we remain your financial partner for life.  Contact us today to see how we can be of assistance!

A resource to help achieve all your financial goals