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Our Commercial Mortgage Brokers have decades of industry financing expertise in all asset classes. Our active and vast network of traditional and alternative Lenders allows us to find the best solution for your commercial project.

Barbara Beler

Commercial Mortgage Broker

Meet Barbara

With over 25 years of commercial real estate lending experience across the country, Barbara has gained in-depth knowledge in all commercial real estate asset classes, and phases: from land servicing to construction, take-out financing, term financing, bridge loans, second mortgages, syndication and club deals, to CMHC insured lending. This extensive expertise greatly benefits her clients as she intimately knows what lenders are looking for. As a Broker, she packages client proposals specifically for their individual needs to obtain the best and most cost-effective financing solution for her clients.

Barbara is extremely well-connected within the lender network and keeps herself informed on the latest appetites of lenders. She also finds lenders that might not be accessible to her clients if they looked themselves. Barbara is often called upon as a subject matter expert by lenders, and at commercial real estate events such as the Calgary Restate Forum or BUILDEX Alberta. She holds degrees in Economics, and Business Administration. Barbara worked in Toronto, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Montreal, and moved to Calgary in 2001.

Recent Transaction Highlights

Office Purchase Class B

Office Purchase Class B

100% LTV (Unicorn!) Quasi-government tenant
Amortization = tenancy contract
Construction Take out Financing

Construction Take-out Financing

$59,000,000 take-out financing

1st mortgage 73% LTV

2nd mortgage 5% LTV

27-year amortization


235,000 sqft, 34 stores
Rental Construction

Rental Construction Take-out

68 unit Multifamily

80% LTC with CMHC MLI Select take-out at 95% LTV



University District

Why Use a Commercial Mortgage Broker?

More Options

With a network of major lenders and products to choose from, we can source your ideal mortgage options from the banks, credit unions, non-traditional lenders, and more. Taking the time to find the best option for your unique needs is a basic role as a mortgage broker

Negotiating on Your Behalf

Negotiating can be stressful. We act in your interests and do all the negotiating to secure competitive rates and terms that make sense for you. We have negotiating power because we fund millions of dollars in mortgages and lenders compete for our business. To you, that means more negotiating power to get you the best rates and terms for your needs.

Incoming Text

Incoming text.


We are specialists providing expert advice and guidance on mortgage products, interest rates, and current housing market conditions. We help choose the right mortgage product for you and assist you by creating a strategy for your specific situation and needs.

Fast and Efficient

From the initial assessment of your unique situation right through the closing process, transactions move quickly when working with us. We do the research and shopping for you so there’s no need for you to waste time organizing appointments with competing mortgage lenders.

Ongoing Support

Even after your successful mortgage transaction, we are a great resource for advice, queries, or future needs. Our focus is to build a lifetime partnership with you and your business.

Access to Special Deals & Add-ons

Many financial institutions offer incentives including retail points programs or appliance discounts. Sometimes, we can tap into those perks and savings and pass them along to you and your family.


The commercial mortgage broker industry is highly regulated through federal and provincial regulators to protect you, your business, and your future.

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